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Sign up for a monthly plan during the month of January and get all of January FREE!

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THIS PLAN: Sea Turtle Monthly

Choose 2 or 4 visits per month
Pay month-to-month: $74 visits
Savings over 6 months: $192 (2 visit plan) / $384 (4 visit plan)
Pay 6 months up front: $69 visits
Savings over 6 months: $252 (2 visit plan) / $504 (4 visit plan)
Includes these FREE add-ons:
Cupping / Scraping ($100 monthly value)
Herbal formula at sign-up & every 12 visits
Summer immune moxibustion ($30 value)
Add additional acupuncture visits for $79


Box Turtle 

1 visit
Add-ons sold separately

Painted Turtle 

Bulk savings
3 visits at $84 each 
Savings: $18
6 visits at $79 each
Savings: $66
Add-ons sold separately
Claim My Free Month

The Fine Print Details

Free visits may be used in January 2022 only and equal the number of visits reserved on the monthly plan. Charges will begin on February 1st, 2022. If the plan is canceled before that time, any completed January 2022 visits will be charged at the plan's advertised rate.

Monthlies renew on the 1st of the month that they are due at the current, advertised rate. Monthlies may be cancelled at any time, at which point, if there are unused visits on the monthly, an amount equal to the original purchase price of the monthly minus the price of each of the used visits at the current single-visit rate will be refunded. Monthlies may be frozen for one month every year. Freeze must be applied before the first of the month where the freeze is meant to occur. For the 2-visit monthly, in lieu of a freeze, member may reduce the monthly to 1-visit for two months every year. Changes between the 4-visit monthly and the 2-visit monthly may occur at any time.


Monthlies may not be transferred or shared. Visits and benefits may be used by only the individual named on the monthly. Unused visits expire at the end of each subscription period. 

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