Three things to keep in mind when you visit

1. You're like an onion

Please pardon the expression, but you're like an onion. You have layers. We're going to have to peel back those layers, one by one, in order to get to the core - where the root of any problem is. We can't do it all in one go.

Acupuncture has a cumulative effect: significant benefit adds up over time and regular use. It’s not magic. It's just good medicine, which takes time to show its potency and rewards those willing to put in the effort -- like slow food.

Here are a couple stories to illustrate what we mean

2. Lingering is strongly encouraged at The Treehouse

We lovingly call our space "The Treehouse". It's for you, and lingering is strongly encouraged. Feel free to come a bit early to your appointment and/or stay a bit late to relax and enjoy a cup of our famous tea.

When you enter the inner rooms, we invite you to really plug in to the present moment and leave extraneous thought outside. Find that parasympathetic state where true healing can take place and linger there for as long as you can.

3. Follow your healing cues

Acupuncture works by awakening your body's own unique healing mechanisms. Once your body begins to wake up, it will start giving you cues, signals about what it needs to get better (down-time, sleep, physical activity, more food, less food, etc.). If you follow these cues, they will lead you toward healing. Read more about healing cues here.

Now here's a couple starting gifts!

Please enjoy the following free downloads and share widely. Wellness is a journey best taken with friends.

Our eating manifesto:

Five Successful Eating Habits of Our Ancestors

Our homegrown list of planet-friendly (and human-friendly) products, services, and companies:

The Planet Protector's Guide


We love questions, so please call us or send us an email when one pops into your mind (here's how to reach us). Your question could end up benefitting hundreds of other people!


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