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It was like...

hitting a reset button.

The medicine of acupuncture

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Anita's Story

After a few months of treatment, not only could I breathe and sleep better, I also developed a new sense of power and joy about my body. That is not something other medical practitioners had ever done for me.

Safe and drug-free

Acupuncture is part of one of the oldest, evidence-based medical systems known to humankind. It has endured for more than 2000 years providing disease prevention and a safe and drug-free solution to many difficult issues. 


Back pain, heel pain,

 headache, and more.


Autoimmune, asthma, allergies, cold & flu.


Infertility, pregnancy, menses, menopause.



Stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia.


Respiratory, digestive, and emotional issues.


Gentle medicine. Big change.

Acupuncture is gentle medicine, but we use it for big change. It awakens the body's own extraordinary healing mechanisms - systems that have been stressed and suppressed by overwork, worry, and a variety of modern habits and conditions. 


Once your body begins to wake up, a deep transformation occurs. An energy rises up that's more powerful than disease. And here's the really exciting part... that energy is infectious! It can heal a family, a community, and even a planet. 


It's just the kind of healing humankind needs right now.


A blend of evidence-based therapies

Using our years of experience treating a diverse group of individuals and conditions, we blend a variety of longstanding, evidence-based therapies - including acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, herbal medicine, qigong, and more - to create the perfect recipe for well-being in you.

Acupuncture & Moxibustion

Fine needles (often as thin as a human hair) are inserted gently into the body at precise locations shown to be effective in the treatment of specific health conditions. These locations may also be stimulated by an herbal warming therapy called moxibustion. The WHO recognizes acupuncture for over 40 common ailments

Cupping is performed by creating suction on the body with rounded glass cups to relieve tension and pain and stimulate acupuncture points. Other complimentary hands-on techniques include traditional tuina massage, guasha scraping, and acupressure. 

Cupping & Manual Therapies

Herbal Medicine & Food Therapy

We use over 300 herbs with a wide range of medicinal properties including analgesic, anti-inflammatory, immune enhancing, antiviral, glucose regulating, cardio-protective, and many more. Herbs and food are much gentler on the human body than most drugs, but they are effective medicines with few (if any) side effects.

The Way

Perhaps the greatest tool in our medicine chest is the tome of insights into Nature’s laws and rhythms that acupuncture's medicine holds at its center. This wisdom acts as a guide in developing healthful, natural, and reparative life practices that not only heal disease and prevent illness but also enhance our innate ability to thrive. At Turtle Tree, we believe this is the real medicine, and we hope to share it with you. 

Image by Helena Lopes

Lifting Houses: Our Tribe

Making a healthy change can be a disagreeable act. It requires challenging the status quo and changing your own, deeply-ingrained habits. That can feel like trying to lift a house when you do it all alone.

Think about a mom with gluten intolerance whose family eats bread in front of her for every meal. Or a teen with major depression who's forced to sit in front of a computer screen for twelve hours a day for virtual learning. How are they expected to succeed?

It takes a family to eat healthy. A community to keep our kids safe. A tribe to lift whole houses off the ground.

When you join Turtle Tree, you inherit a tribe. If you wish, it can be an irreplaceable source of knowledge, support, strength, and well-being. Together, we will lift houses.

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