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Give Back

Donate to an organization that is giving back to the Earth here in Louisville or abroad.

We can't help people without saving our home planet.

Read about how we are using our resources - our money, our time, and our medicine - to help save the Earth in our Annual Report.


Have you given up flying for the planet?

If so, please join us in the TURTLES DON'T FLY


Air travel has a heavy impact on climate change. It is so carbon-intensive that each commercial flight undoes nearly 20 years of recycling. For folks who have given up flying for the planet, you can join us in the Turtles Don't Fly Cooperative.  You'll join with others who share your commitment and your willingness to sacrifice convenience for our children's home planet. You'll also become a decision-maker and help us determine where to spend our Earth Tax - 1% of our sales - each year.


Get The Carbon Almanac

Reliable, easy-to-understand knowledge on climate change...that you can share to create meaningful impact.

If you can't afford a copy, we purchased 10 copies for the Treehouse. Check one out for free.


Choose Slow Shopping

Online shopping with speedy delivery is negatively impacting the climate. When you shop online, place large orders instead of multiple small ones and choose the slowest delivery option whenever possible.

Download the Planet Protector's consumer guide

Planet Protector Thumb.png

We've compiled a list of planet-friendly / human-friendly products and services. Lower you carbon footprint, reduce chemical toxicity, and support businesses doing their part to protect the Earth. 


Build your local food network.

Transporting food from far away, whether by truck, ship, rail or plane, uses fossil fuels for fuel and for cooling to keep foods in transit from spoiling. Instead, buy food from local farmers like ours.

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