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Meet Our Family

Hello and welcome. We're the Day family, owners of  Turtle Tree Acupuncture. Below, we've written some ideas about our family and The Bale (our community) so that you can get to know us. Read on or contact us to talk about how we can help you.

~ Hillary, Jonathan, & Esme

Our Family's Story

by Hillary

Jonathan and I met in Seattle where I was studying eastern medicine and he was a university fellow. We shared many things, including a deep love for the natural world. After a time, we married and set up a life together in the Pacific Northwest while Jonathan took up a university faculty position.


One day, we realized that the hustles of Seattle and academia were making us feel ill and lose connection with what we loved. So we let it all go. Jonathan left his university position, and we moved our life to Louisville, KY to be closer to the land, set up a balanced life, and raise our new daughter, Esme.

Turtle Tree is our business. But more than that, it is our recipe for living sustainable, regenerative, healthful lives - traditional medicine style - and our vehical for taking care of our wonderful community and the planet we love.

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Jonathan and Hillary are National Board Certified Acupuncturists and Licensed Acupuncturists in Kentucky. They have taught graduate courses in acupuncture safety and clean needle technique.

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Jonathan Day
Credentials: DAOM, LAc, NCCAOM Dipl. OM

Specialty Areas: Pain, immune wellness, autoimmune diseases, asthma, family medicine.

Personal Interests: Writing, reading, travel, slow food, slow walks, tall trees, mountains.

Favorite Thing About Chinese Medicine: It holds the family as the foundation for all of society. Harmony within families begets harmony everywhere.  
Hillary Day
Credentials: MSAOM, LAc, NCCAOM Dipl. OM

Specialty Areas: Pain, pediatrics, women's health, fertility and postpartum, family medicine.

Personal Interests: Gardening, crocheting, cooking, a good book, camping, old forests, waterfalls.

Favorite Thing About Chinese Medicine: It always brings me back to nature and the joy that comes from living in harmony with the natural world.

The Bale

by Jonathan

When Hillary gave birth to our daughter, Esme, we still had so much to learn. Over time, we have picked up age-old tricks for calming a newborn, handy remedies for teething and diaper rash, cry-free sleep solutions, and so much more.


All of this came from the inherited wisdom of our wonderful community of family, friends, patients, and colleagues.


A group of turtles = a 'bale'

Human beings need community. It is a source of knowledge, support, and well-being. It is also one of the things slipping away in the modern age.


At Turtle Tree, we plan to hold onto it. We affectionately call our community "The Bale," the name for a group of Turtles.

The Bale is a source of enormous support and a key ingredient in our recipe for health and happiness.



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Holding Hands
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