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Back Massage

Acupuncture for the Immune System

Immune system dysfunctions are on the rise, and there is a growing demand for evidence-based methods that prevent, heal, and manage these dysfunctions. Chinese medicine focuses on the underlying root of these conditions, clearing barriers and harnessing the body's innate ability to provide regulated immunity.

Some examples


Allergic asthma

Sjogren’s syndrome

Lupus (SLE)

Rheumatoid arthritis

Autoimmune disorders

Pelvic inflammatory disease

Raynaud’s phenomenon

Food allergies

Environmental allergies

Seasonal allergies

Common cold & flu

Skin rashes

Leaky gut syndrome

What treatment looks like
  • We'll recommend frequent acupuncture visits at first then taper down as you make progress. In the long run, many of our patients visit only once a month or once a season for a tune up. 

  • We use a combination of acupuncture and herbal medicine for a deep and lasting transformation.

  • We teach you evidence-based self-care techniques to strengthen and regulate the immune system.

  • We reference lab work from your doctor to measure progress.

  • If you get sick or have a flare-up, we want to see you in the office ASAP so you get over it more quickly and completely.

Julie's Story

Autoimmune Healing

I've had lupus (SLE) for almost 10 years and have been mostly managed by my rheumatologist with hydroxychloroquine and prednisone. However, the baseline of my disease has crept up over the years and the next level of treatment options were going to consist of drugs with more significant side effects. I wanted to explore other options before going down that road, which is when I came across Jonathan's clinic.


We started with regular acupuncture treatments and, almost immediately, I noticed a huge improvement in my hands. Suddenly my hands were warm (they're usually ice-cold) and then the daily stiffness and swelling from SLE started to decrease until it was barely noticeable. I'm only 34 and it had been years since my joints felt that good in the morning.


Jonathan then started me on a three-phase herb regimen to more systemically address the SLE inflammation. After 6 months of herbs, my rheumatologist ran blood labs and the results amazed me. My inflammation was clearly down. It was like hitting a reset button on the progression of my disease. I've gone from having 3-4 flares per year to zero flares in the last 18 months (and counting!).


Acupuncture and herbs were something completely new to me and I was definitely nervous in the beginning. Jonathan was very patient in walking me through this whole treatment process and I'm incredibly grateful for his knowledge, compassion, and skill. I'm so glad I walked through the door of this clinic.

Stuart's Story

Seasonal Allergy Relief

I had suffered with severe seasonal allergies for years. In more mild years, a strict five-drug daily routine kept it mostly manageable, but the ragweed of autumn 2022 rendered those drugs useless. Sinus pressure, intense congestion, lethargy, and coughing fits made me miserable.


I visited Turtle Tree in desperation. They had helped with pain and back issues in the past, but this felt different; out of reach. I was wrong.


Jonathan gave me a very relaxing acupuncture treatment (face up as I could barely breathe), and then an herb mixture with instructions to drink it like tea, three times per day for five days.


I returned five days later, and it still feels like a miracle. I was back up to 85% even as my fellow allergy sufferers were getting worse. He gave me another relaxing treatment (I could lay face down this time because I could breathe!). He sent me home with a new herb mixture which I was to maintain for the rest of the autumn. Within just a couple more days (a week total), my allergy symptoms were gone — GONE — and they have not returned. No pressure, no congestion or coughing, plenty of energy.


Thinking about it right now, it still feels too good to be true. But I do feel like I got a miracle — all natural and at a fraction of the cost of modern, western treatment, I seem to be effectively allergy-free.


Turtle Tree changed my life, and I want everyone to know it. I'm forever grateful.

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